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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Vegas shooter had dozens of guns, Tom Petty dies at 66, Trump's lawyer talked real estate with Russians during campaign, and more.
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US News

Police Find Dozens of Guns in Vegas Shooter's Hotel Room, Home
Law enforcement is still trying to determine why a 64-year-old man assaulted a crowd in Nevada Sunday, killing 59 people and injuring 527—the worst mass shooting in modern US history. Police found at least 19 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition at the Nevada home of Stephen Paddock, plus 23 more guns in the hotel room where the suspected shooter apparently killed himself. His firearms were bought legally, gun-shop owners said.—VICE News/Newsweek

Calls for Gun Control Intensify
Several leading Democrats have once again urged Congress to pass legislation to restrict firearm sales in the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas. Senator Chris Murphy said he would introduce a bill to tighten background checks. Hillary Clinton said she wanted people to "stand up to the NRA." Stocks in major US gun companies rose Monday following the massacre.—Politico/VICE News


More Russian Meetings by Trump Associates Revealed
President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen reportedly discussed a real estate deal in Russia in 2015 in yet another contact between the president's associates and Moscow, emails given to congressional investigators and special counsel Robert Mueller have revealed. Emails also showed Cohen considered traveling to a conference in Russia during closer to the election, before deciding against the idea.—The Washington Post

GM Reveals Plan for 'All-Electric' Future
General Motors executive vice president Mark Reuss said the auto giant will produce at least 20 electric models by 2023, the first step in its long-term plan to phase out gas and diesel vehicles. Reuss said the company "believes in an all-electric future" and is committed to "increased usage and acceptance of electric vehicles."—NBC News

International News

Catalonia Mounts General Strike
Schools, doctors' clinics, transportation, and other public services in the region were closed Tuesday after Catalan trade unions called for a strike over the Spanish government's response to a referendum on independence. Unions condemned "the grave violation of rights and freedoms" after riot police attacked Catalans in a bid to disrupt voting. The Catalan authority said almost 90 percent of voters backed independence.—BBC News

Bomb Attacks Rock Police Station in Damascus
At least ten people were killed in the Syrian capital when a car bomb exploded outside of a police station Monday, followed by blasts from two suicide bombers. Syria's interior minister said one attacker discharged his explosive belt at the doorway to the building, while another reached the first floor.—Al Jazeera


Three Killed in Attack on Kashmir Military Base
Militants launched an attack on a Border Security Force station in Kashmir early Tuesday, killing one soldier and wounding multiple others. Three assailants were also killed. Jaish-e-Mohammad, an Islamist group seeking to end Indian rule in Kashmir, claimed responsibility.—BBC News

Russian Opposition Leader Gets 20 Days in Jail
Opposition figurehead Alexei Navalny was sent to jail after being convicted of defying a statute against organizing public demonstrations. He had arranged to hold a protest on Vladimir Putin's birthday in the Russian president's hometown of St. Petersburg. Navalny accused "old man Putin" of being "scared of our rallies."—The Guardian

Everything Else

Tom Petty Dies at 66
Tributes have flooded in for the rock legend, who died Monday night after a cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu. Bob Dylan said: "He was great performer, full of the light… I'll never forget him." Brian Wilson said Petty "will be missed by everyone who loves music."—Noisey/Rolling Stone/Salon

Two-Thirds of America Disagrees with Trump on NFL Protests, Poll Finds
According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, 68 percent of Americans think the president's call for team owners to fire NFL stars who kneel during the anthem was "inappropriate." A majority—51 percent—expressed support for the protests.—TIME

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Headed to Hollywood
Paramount Pictures has bought the rights to a movie based around the SEGA video game character. Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, will act as executive producer for the project, expected to utilize CGI animation along with live action.—The Hollywood Reporter

Facebook Says 10 Million People Saw Russian-Bought Ads
The social media network revealed the number of US viewers of the political ads believed to have been purchased by Russian-linked firm(s) during the 2016 election. "For 50 percent of the ads, less than $3 was spent," said a Facebook representative.—VICE News

Morrissey Shares Six New Songs
The British singer played previously unheard tracks off his forthcoming album, Low in High School, on BBC 6 Music. The song "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On the Stage" contains the repeated line "Brexit… exit."—Noisey