Taurus, May 2018


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Taurus, May 2018

Happy solar return!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Happy solar return, little cow! May opens with your planetary ruler Venus in breezy air sign Gemini, bringing you good vibes around money and a boost to your self-esteem — you’ll be feeling good about who you are and what you can offer the world.

On May 7, Venus will clash with Neptune, which will be stressful: Neptune is the planet of fog and confusion, and when it squares off with Venus, there’s typically an insecure energy in the air. We won’t be sure what we want or what things are worth — expect an indecisive or even sluggish mood. Stay firm, Taurus! Know your worth and don’t let anyone haggle with you. Take it slow and don’t give in to paranoid ideas. Perhaps make some time to study up on glamor magick or create some art — at its best, Neptune is spiritual and imaginative, so put today’s hazy Venusian energy to good use by meditating, casting a spell, or doing something to manifest your visions.


Communication planet Mercury enters your sign on May 13, helping you express yourself and making you feel more clear-headed than you’ve been for the last few weeks. Mercury was previously in Aries, rushing around and jumping head first into decisions — that’s not the vibe of Mercury in slow-moving earth sign Taurus. Mercury takes its time here. On the flip side, however, flexible Mercury also isn’t so agile in Taurus. Be sure not to get stuck in any ruts and try to be open-minded. Perhaps try one new thing a day! If that’s too much, then at least pretend you tried one new thing a day… creative visualization can be a powerful first step to making real changes.

This month is a big deal for you: Uranus, the planet of innovation and freedom, enters your sign on May 15, which happens to be the same day of the new moon, which is also in your sign. Your new life begins now! New moons always bring a nice, fresh start, but wow — a new moon in your sign when Uranus is also entering it? That’s very big, Taurus! This is a fantastic time to reconnect with yourself emotionally, to tune out the outside world. Get in touch with your element — earth — by walking barefoot on grass, or find a crystal that speaks to you and sit with it as you meditate. Give yourself a makeover. Treat yourself to some new pieces for your spring wardrobe. These are all lovely things to do on a new moon.

However: With Uranus entering your sign, you may not feel like yourself… or perhaps you’ll have an intense spiritual awakening and realize who you really are, which may not line up with how you’ve been behaving! This is going to be the first time Uranus has entered your sign since 1942. A lot has happened in that period, and a lot is going to happen to you in the next eight years — a total revolution will take place in your life. While it’s in your sign, Uranus will make personal freedom a priority.


A lot is going to happen to you in the next eight years — a total revolution will take place in your life. While it’s in your sign, Uranus will make personal freedom a priority.

Taurus people are often thought of as conservative, but you’re going to be a total rebel, an eccentric, and a maverick over the next few years. If you haven’t been to a wild orgy yet, now’s your time. Haven’t gone on a spur of the moment road trip? It’s coming if you want it. Have you invented something brilliant? If you haven’t yet, electric Uranus will give you all the inspiration you need. You’re in the mood to experiment. With all this excitement in your sign, do things to nourish your nervous system, like working with the herbs stinging nettle and oat straw.

Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, activating the sector of your chart that rules success and popularity and bringing you a big energetic boost around tackling your professional goals. Aquarius isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd — you shouldn’t be either! If you’re working on any exciting projects, you’ll be inspired to make a bold move while fearless Mars is in the sign of the rebel. Mars will square off with Uranus on May 16, too, so expect to take some wild, spontaneous actions you typically wouldn’t dream of taking — just make sure to be safe. Wear a helmet, a condom, or whatever you need. Impulsive isn’t a word astrologers would us to describe you, dear cow, but come mid-May there will be no other word for you!


Your planetary ruler Venus enters Cancer on May 19. During this time, communication is going to become very important in your relationships (your romantic relationships and your business relationships alike). Cancer is a very intuitive sign, so you’ll find yourself craving connection with people who “get it” (as in: get you, what you’re about, what you need, and what you can give). Venus in Cancer shows its love by nurturing and protecting. It’s an action speaks louder than words kind of energy, and while Venus was in Gemini (from April 24 through May 19), there was a lot of talk. Venus also rules fashion, so wear pearls to celebrate its time in water sign Cancer, the beach dwelling crab. A seashell bra also never hurt anyone—or perhaps a seaweed thong.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, illuminating the financial sector of your chart. And you can expect even more conversations about cash to arise when Mercury enters Gemini on May 29. Ask for a raise! Learn about cryptocurrency! Now is the time to think about your budget — and not just with money, but how you budget your time and energy, and, on an even deeper level, what value you put on your work. If you’ve been freelancing for a while, now is a good time to think about increasing your rate. Do you believe in yourself and your talents? Are you putting your talents to good use? Also: How many subscriptions do you have hitting your bank account each month, between subscription boxes and streaming websites? These are all questions to think about during Gemini season.


Gemini is a flexible, adaptable sign… you, on the other hand, are not famous for going with the flow. While the Sun and Mercury are in this sign, think about some ways you can be less rigid. Security, whether it’s financial or emotional, requires agility.

Jupiter and Neptune will make a harmonious connection in the sky on May 20, resulting in a creative and spiritually in-tune energy. Jupiter is currently in Scorpio, bringing blessings to your relationships and encouraging you and your partners to get deeper with each other, and Neptune is currently in psychic Pisces. This connection will provide a wonderful opportunity for empathy and connection between yourself and your partners.

Your planetary ruler Venus opposes Saturn on May 26, which will find you facing obstacles, especially around communication and asking for what you want. You might not feel like you, your mind, or your ideas are valued during this time. Limitations will be imposed, and you’ll find it especially exasperating to be around small-minded people. As with any difficult situation, this is a good time to think about your boundaries and to get real with yourself about your needs, abilities, and limits.

The end of this month will find you learning a lot about what you can expect from other people — especially when the full moon in Sagittarius arrives on May 29. Tauruses often have good luck around connecting with people who are generous — but sometimes, you can have the bad luck of connecting with people who are full of shit, gamblers, and deadbeats. If you’ve met someone interesting — whether they’re an investor or a lover— you may see their true colors now. This is an intense time for your romantic relationships, too, as this full moon will be major for intimacy and your sex life.

On the financial front, complex issues around debts, taxes, or inheritances will also be addressed. On a personal and spiritual level, this is a crucial time to let go of the past — find someone you trust and vent to. Endings are taking place, and while you aren’t the biggest fan of change, closing the book on a story you’re done with will feel right.

See you in June, little cow!