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Draymond Green Came For Conor McGregor And Got Rocked

Ironically, Conor McGregor was using a Warriors jersey to troll Floyd Mayweather, and boy did Draymond Green run into that train wreck.
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Basketball is known for its shit talking. But try to level up to the amount of shit talking that goes down in the fighting world, and you're in a whole new world of pain, basketball.

Draymond Green—between kicks to the testicles—may make up for the quality of his shit talking with the sheer quantity of it. But he was certainly owned this morning after he sent a listless post-Championship offseason left jab at Conor McGregor for wearing his number in a Warriors jersey.


If you haven't heard from the 2,523 publicity tours for the fight, McGregor is fighting Floyd Mayweather on August 26th, and so loyalty lines are being drawn. Draymond voiced support for Mayweather—which is a questionable thing (though not like supporting McGregor isn't questionable)—and so Mayweather hit Draymond back with the response, "Splash for the cash #warriors #michigan."

But McGregor, who is pretty glued to his social media, picked up on Draymond's message and dealt him a swift KO hook. It's like you can hear McGregor's brogue spitting in your ear through the Instagram:

"That's C.J Watson mate. I don't know who the f--- you are. No disrespect tho kid, keep hustling and stay in school."

Well goddamn. If you look at the record, it's not like the venerable legacy of C.J. Watson—perhaps best known as the support staff to Baron Davis during the We Believe era—eclipses Draymond's twice champion DPOY status. (I mean, Watson topped out at 10.3 PPG in '09-'10.) But goddamn. Draymond took the L.

Draymond tried to hit back with, "@thenotoriousmma hahahahaha that number won't be worn again when I'm finished with it clown! Gold medalist, all star, DPOY etc!!! Hahaha stop it boy! Nate Diaz (Bay Area stand up) whooped you in your ring! Money May about to destroy you!!! Take that Warriors jersey off bruh you're an incredible internet troll we don't rock with you! Go train bum!!" Too much, too late—the damage was already done. Draymond's shit talk backfired to the point that it blew his tailpipe inside out.

The craziest part about the whole thing, though, was that, aside from Draymond getting served, McGregor was actually running a long and inappropriate troll on Mayweather from the outset. Apparently, McGregor has been doing his homework, because the Watson jersey wasn't a coincidence—it was a reference to allegations that Watson at one point was texting affectionately with the mother of Mayweather's children, Josie Harris. The exchange between Harris and Watson allegedly enraged Mayweather to the point that he dragged Harris out of bed by the hair, and punched and kicked her before security could break up the attack. Mayweather was arrested for domestic violence—a crime that he has been frequently accused of.

So maybe, Draymond, it's best to stay out of that fight-level shit talk for more reasons besides suffering an L. But rather because it's actually pretty detestable.