[Exclusive] Neill Blomkamp Teases the Horror in His Terrifying Next Film

The 'District 9' director shares concept images from his chilling new sci-fi film 'Zygote.'
July 11, 2017, 9:43pm
Images courtesy Oats Studios

"Monster made of men," are the words District 9 director Neill Blomkamp wrote on a scrap of paper when conceiving his forthcoming film Zygote. Out tomorrow through his experimental independent film factory Oats Studios, Zygote stars Dakota Fanning as one of two survivors of a mysterious mining disaster. The horrifying truth of the massacre is revealed in a claustrophobic 20-minute slow burn. It's Frankenstein's monster for the anxieties of humanity's bio-hacking, space-colonizing future.

Deep world building is a hallmark of Blomkamp's films. Oats Studios's business model is to release an avalanche of short films, anticipating viewers will want to continue exploring those worlds and fund the next one. A big component of Zygote's world are "synthetics," or artificially-created humanoids designed to perform dangerous and menial tasks unfit for humans. Today we have an exclusive peek at Oats Studios's concept imagery detailing how synthetics work.

Stay tuned to Oats Studio on YouTube and Steam for the premiere of Zygote tomorrow, July 12.


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