Leo, July 2017


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Leo, July 2017

It's almost Leo season—get excited!

The Sun enters your sign soon, Leo, but first, you have to get through the lazy, dreamy days of Cancer season. Catch up on rest—you'll need it, especially during August, which will be one of the most intense months of the year. But we're here to talk about July, so let's look at your month ahead.

You'll notice that your intuitive abilities are boosted, and that interesting messages are coming to you in dreams, during the time the Sun spends in psychic Water sign Cancer. You're uncovering secrets, exploring hidden places, and lurking in the shadows—which is unusual for you, lovely lion, since you're fond of the spotlight. You know, because you love attention.


The Sun's journey through sensitive (let's be honest: crybaby) Water sign Cancer is a fantastic time for you to examine the emotional patterns you're stuck in—and to get unstuck. Reclaim your power and transform!

An intense—and potentially transformative day—will be July 2, when warrior planet Mars, in Cancer, opposes the lord of the underworld, Pluto, in Capricorn. There will be an aggressive, stormy atmosphere, one of powerful endings. It may be dramatic, but you don't mind theatrics, Leo. Take charge by dumping bad habits and cutting ties with the old you. Focus on self-care and your emotional and physical health.

The Sun will oppose Pluto on July 9, or 10, if you're on the East Coast, again bringing up tension—watch for paranoia, control issues, and self-destructive behavior. Again: self-care! You're the most important person—ever—right? Treat yourself like it!

Love-and-money planet Venus enters Air sign Gemini on July 4, bringing blessings to your social life! This is a wonderful time to connect with friends and meet new people. Communication planet Mercury enters your sign, Leo, on July 5, which will inspire you to be chattier than you have been. If there's a conversation you haven't been sure how to begin, Mercury, in your sign, will help you start the dialogue.

Your planetary ruler, the Sun, connects with dreamy Neptune, in Pisces, on July 5, which will create an easier, gentler atmosphere after the drama that was Mars opposite Pluto. It will also create space for you to work with the emotions that have stirred up inside you. Tap into your creativity and imagination, and practice your psychic abilities—you'll be hyper-aware of what's happening around you, energetically.


The Sun, in Cancer, and the planet of abundance, Jupiter, also connect on July 5. This will probably be fun; take things slow, though, because you could say, spend, or do too much. Jupiter is in Air sign Libra, the sign of balance, and if you're able to pace yourself, luck will come your way!

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8 (or 9, again, if you're on the East Coast). Full moons are always tiring, but during this one, you'll take even more naps than you usually would. Cancer season has found you processing many emotions, but this full moon will pull you back to the here and now. It's time to deal with reality, Earth sign Capricorn's favorite subject. Work, your schedule, your health, and daily habits are major focuses. These themes will spur epiphanies; if anything about your daily routine isn't working, this is your time to work it out.

The Sun clashes with rebel planet Uranus, in fellow Fire sign Aries, on July 20, bringing chaos and excitement. The energy is unpredictable! Keep an open mind and an open schedule. Nervous energy is in the air, but so are brilliant ideas and fun surprises.

Action planet Mars enters your sign on July 20, and Leo season officially begins July 22, when the Sun enters your sign. Happy solar return! Mars will bring you a boost in energy (and make you seem more intimidating that you already are), and the Sun will bring a renewal of vitality.


This is the time to check in with yourself about your goals—and, of course, to celebrate yourself. Ask yourself: Do I feel alive? If not, it's time to cut out the people or situations that are draining you of your life force.

Mars meets the Sun in your sign, Leo, on July 26, bringing a burst of excitement and confidence! But, if you're feeling frustrated, unable to do your own thing, a tantrum is likely. You can be a bully when you're in a bad mood, and no one wants to deal with you when you're like that, Leo. Save yourself the trouble by identifying, and eliminating, situations that inhibit you from being your true self. You'll be happier!

A new moon in Leo arrives July 23, which will be powerful for you emotionally; new moons are times of renewal. If you're in a witchy mood, and want to work some magick, this is a fantastic period during which to cast spells, whether they're for love, prosperity, peace of mind—whatever your heart is set on. This is the beginning of a new phase for you, especially emotionally, so make time to reflect under the night sky about your inner needs and desires.

Each zodiac sign rules a different body part. You rule the heart, Leo. Courage, passion, strength—these are your qualities. But life can be hard, and we don't always feel so brave, enthusiastic, or strong. Wipe the slate clean, Leo. Give your heart more of what it wants!

Communication planet Mercury enters Virgo on July 25. Grounded, practical, and analytical are what come to mind when we meditate on Earth sign Virgo. Conversations about money and self-worth will come to the fore. You're extravagant when it comes to cash, and you're one of the most generous people around—but when the planet of logic, Mercury, is in critical Virgo, it's time to spend more realistically. Plan a new budget or finish any paperwork you have concerning cash.

Sweet and sexy Venus enters sensitive, psychic Water sign Cancer, on July 31, putting you in a private mood regarding your love life, desires, and even your finances. Typically, you adore the spotlight, but at the end of July, you may find yourself thinking, please, no photos, more often than here's my good side. A secret hookup is possible, too! Stay cool, Leo. August will be wild—see you then!