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Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, November 2018

Welcome to Scorpio season!

November opens with the sun in Scorpio, the sign of mystery, and you, Sagittarius, love a mystery! You’re the explorer of the zodiac, and Scorpio season finds you exploring one of the most mysterious realms—your inner psyche. This is a marvelous time for dream work, psychic development, and meditation. You’re feeling extra sensitive, so catch up on rest and time alone. Secrets are shared and hidden places and deep emotions are explored.


On November 6, the sun connects with dreamy planet Neptune, encouraging you to express yourself and your emotions through your creativity, connect with your ancestors, spend time with your loved ones, embrace change and the healing it brings, bury pain from your childhood and past, and enjoy the quiet comfort of peaceful nights at home, in private, away from the world. I know this sounds sweet and relaxing to most people, Sagittarius, but I think there’s a possibility that this paragraph may have bored you—don’t worry, dear centaur. Plenty of drama and excitement will arrive, also on November 6, when electric Uranus reenters fiery Aries. A crush or creative project that you graduated from (or let’s be real, totally forgot about) late last spring will reenter your life. A chance to party harder than you’ve been able to in these last few months will also come your way. Enjoy!

A new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 7, encouraging you to go deeply into your subconscious mind; perhaps through dream work or in therapy. This is a powerful time to develop your intuitive abilities, and if you find yourself feeling lost, remember that new moons are new beginnings, and sometimes when things are so new, it’s hard to see what will come next because so much is up in the air.

Jupiter enters your sign on November 8, for the first time since 2007! Lucky planet Jupiter, which happens to be your ruling planet, will be in Sagittarius, helping you grow in fantastic ways until December 2, 2019. That said, if anyone knows this lesson, it’s you: Too much of a good thing isn’t always great. As more opportunities come your way and resources become available to you, you will also need to match the energy by becoming more responsible as well as practicing boundaries and saying no once in a while. Jupiter is the planet of luck, but we all know that bad things can happen to good people. Jupiter is concerned with justice, so if you find that a rotten situation happens to come out of something that seemed rosy, make sure to connect with people in your community and with counselors you trust. Jupiter, as lucky as it may be, casts a wide net, so don’t blindly stick your hand into what seems to be Jupiter’s bounty or else you might find yourself pulling out a lump of poop instead a nugget of gold. Be open to the blessing, but be smart about how you navigate all these new experiences.


Mars enters Pisces on November 15, activating the home and family sector of your chart. You may be moving or renovating your home—and Mars will give you all the fire you need to get it done. On an emotional level, you’re reflecting on what home, safety, and privacy mean to you. Venus retrograde in Libra ends the following day, November 16, which also happens to be when Mercury retrograde begins in your sign! Venus’s retrograde in Libra is major for working out what’s important in your friendships and on a bigger level, for figuring out what you want your future to look like—and what you want your society’s future to look like, too! It will surely teach you a lot about how you want to get involved in your community on a social and political level. Mercury retrograde is lame in that things slow down, but it's also brilliant in that way! Take your time. Don’t sign new contracts, don’t make big or expensive purchases, and avoid traveling if you can, what with all the delays. You'll find yourself speaking your mind about things you previously couldn’t or wouldn’t say (rare for you, but it happens) and you’re likely to run into people from your past.

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The sun enters your sign, Sagittarius, on November 22—happy solar return! That’s happy birthday in astrologer speak. You always throw the best parties, and this year’s is sure to be over-the-top thanks to jovial Jupiter being in your sign. You’re feeling revitalized with the sun’s return to Sagittarius and ready to take on whatever comes your way—like the full moon in Gemini which arrives the next day, on November 23! This full moon is major for your relationships, especially around communication. A climax will take place in your partnerships, choices will be made, some endings are possible, and, ultimately, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of what fair give-and-take in relationships really looks like for you.

Hazy, dreamy, whimsical Neptune ends its retrograde on November 24, calling you back home. It’s time to get lost in a book, in your kitchen baking your favorite dish, or in your family albums. Get lost in your own imagination as you meditate and enjoy connecting with your spiritual guides and ancestors. You’re an adventurer, Sagittarius, and this month will bring you many opportunities for travel—both in the world, thanks to Jupiter entering your sign, and within your own spirit, too.

Circle November 26 and 27 on your calendar—this is when the sun, and then Mercury, will meet with Jupiter. Your confidence will be very high and you’ll be pulling in some magnificent opportunities. An important conversation will take place. Good luck, and see you in December!