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Australia’s Next Federal Election Will Be Held May 18

We've now got five weeks of political campaigning to look forward to.
April 10, 2019, 11:28pm
when is the election?
Our two party leaders smiling/grimacing. Both images via wikimedia

The date of Australia’s next federal election has been set, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing that voters will go to the polls on May 18. Morrison visited Government House earlier this morning to ask the Governor-General to trigger the election, the ABC reports, and the 45th Parliament came to an official end outside Parliament House shortly thereafter. Thus commences a 37-day—or five weeks and two days—election campaign.

Morrison gave a press conference this morning to mark the occasion and canvass the stakes. “We live in the best country in the world, but to secure your future, the road ahead depends on a strong economy,” he said. “And that is why there is so much at stake in this election.”

“There is more to do and a lot has got [sic] done, and we are getting on together with the job,” he continued. “So at this election there is a clear choice. It’s a choice between a government that I lead and the alternative of a Labor Government led by Bill Shorten… between the Government that is delivering a strong economy and will continue to do so, or Bill Shorten’s Labor Party, whose policies would weaken our economy.”

Shorten will give his own speech in response, but has already posted a political ad to Twitter this morning spruiking his “good for families” Fair Go plan while pledging to raise wages, fund schools, and to “tackle climate change.”

The bookies are backing Labor at $1.16 to win, while the Coalition currently sits at $4.85.

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