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The Signs as Online Dating Pick-Up Lines

“Seems like you already have everything you need in your life, except my number.”
zodiac pick up lines
Illustration by Yasmin Hutasuhut

You can never truly gauge somebody's personality or your compatibility with them through an online dating profile. It doesn't matter if their bio looks like a condensed version of a cover letter, or many pictures they have. That said, Bumble and OKCupid really stepped up their game when they introduced the option to display our zodiac sign on our profile this year. Honestly, sometimes all you need to know about a stranger on the internet are their true height and their zodiac signs.


Now, on good days, you’ll receive exciting pickup lines that really embody the zodiac signs of your matches. Swipe right on a Leo, and you’ll probably get a warm hello. Aquarius matches will try to argue with you about their favorite cause, while most Sagittariuses will show right away that they're for a fun time, not a long time.

So here it is, the signs as pick-up lines:


“No pineapple on pizza? Got it. But I know a cool joint that will change your mind. Wanna go with me there tonight? Lol”

Aries matches will try to challenge you to see if you’re just as courageous and spontaneous as they are. They’ll try to push your buttons so you’ll go with them to a fun, daredevil kind of date, even if it’s just for one night.


“I just wanna say that I think you’re cute, and I’d love to get to know you better. I think we’ll get along well. Are you free for dinner this weekend?”

Taurus are courteous. They know how to please you and splurge you with the finer things in life. They don’t rush into a relationship, so if they really want to meet you, they will ask you out on a nice dinner for a friendly conversation. If you’re tired of drinking cheap wine and feeling single, try meeting a Taurus for a change.


“Hey! So nice to match with you! So, what’s the coolest date you’ve ever had? Anyway, I’m going to Laneway Festival this weekend. Wanna go together?”

Geminis are probably the friendliest people you’ll ever meet on online dating apps. They know how to maintain conversations, and come across as fun and approachable. But since they are quick to change their mind, they tend to jump from one topic to another. You might want to take notes on the things they say before they forget about it again.



“Hey, your profile says you just broke up. Do you wanna meet up for a cup of hot chocolate and talk about it? I’m kind of busy this week, but I can free some of my nights for you. You can hug my dog too if you need it.”

Cancer is the mom of the zodiac signs. They will come across as attentive and accommodating, and they sound like they genuinely care about you. But since they’re pretty private, they may not open up on the first meeting. If you need a good heart-to-heart talk, your Cancer match is the right person for it.


“Seems like you already have everything you need in your life, except my number.”

The first thing you’ll notice about a Leo is their larger-than-life personality. They know who they are and they know what they want from you. They will come across like a big flirt, like someone who’s too confident it can be irritating at times, but you can’t get mad at them because they always walk the talk.


“Hey, saw that you listen to Daniel Caesar in your profile. Have you ever listened to offonoff? I think you might enjoy it!”

Your Virgo matches will often start the conversation by pointing to a specific thing you wrote in your profile or recommending you the things that they like. They come across as sweet and attentive to details. The great part is they're great listeners, and they know how to give the right advice.


“Damn, those jeans look so good on you. Love it. Be my small spoon tonight?”

Congratulations, you have matched with the flirt of the astrology signs. Libras will always know exactly what to say to keep you interested. They will shower you with compliments, tell you exactly what you want to hear, and probably use cheesy pickup lines on you. Online dating is where they excel in their games. Try not to take them too seriously, and enjoy the flirty banter while you can.



“Hey. DTF?”

For the first meeting, Scorpio matches are often in it for sex. They don’t want to talk so much, unless they need someone to open up to, or that you pass their secret screening test. Sadly, Scorpios have a habit of not telling you why they don’t want to meet or talk to you again in the future. If they’re not into you, you will never hear from them again. That’s a part of their mysterious charm, I guess.


“Is that a picture of you on a camel? That’s so cool! I’ve ridden a camel too back in Mongolia! Mine peed a lot, and it kinda stinks haha. How do you like it?”

Not only your Sagittarius matches will ask you about your recent travel experience, but they are also one of the most fun and outgoing matches you ever had. The best part is, they are refreshingly honest that you feel like you can trust them instantly.


“Hey, what is your plan for the rest of the afternoon? I’m free, but I’m thinking of watching this movie at 5 pm. Wanna go together? Let me know because I’m going to book the ticket now.”

Your Capricorn match can seem like they’re bad at flirting, but that’s because they’re straightforward and they have a no-nonsense policy. Behind their dry and controlling first impression, you’ll see eventually that they’re just decisive and they know what’s best for them.


“Hey, so you mentioned in your profile that you’re a feminist. What do you think about the abortion law then?”

Your Aquarius matches will intrigue you with their quirky profile and their intellectual one-liner. They will talk to you about the news, the things that they learned recently, or the cause that they’re passionate about. These are often some trick questions to see if you’re worth their time.


“I really like your vibe. Let’s vibe together. Hehe.”

Your Pisces matches will tend to seem goofy and adorable when they first message you. But once you talk to them, you’ll see that they’re actually sensitive and empathetic. Meet Pisces for an awkwardly romantic fun, because they are one of the cutest matches you’ll ever get.

Canti Widyadhari is a traveling intuitive reader and certified Reiki master, as well as the founder of Foxglove Tarot. She's passionate about raising the awareness of self-love and helping women design their dream lives using tarot, astrology, and reiki healing. Follow her on Instagram.