Watch Nic Cage Go Full Nic Cage in the Trailer for 'Primal'

He, uh, punches a jaguar at one point.

What more could you want from Nic Cage? The guy is somehow simultaneously an Oscar winner and an action star and a cult movie icon with a penchant for Cyrano-sized prosthetic noses. He even wrote a comic book about a magical vigilante in post-Katrina New Orleans. There are many sides to Nic Cage, but the best Nic Cage is still the biggest and loudest Nic Cage, and the trailer for his new movie, Primal, thankfully gives us exactly that.


Please, enjoy:

Yes, Nic Cage is playing an intrepid exotic animal hunter who punches jaguars, like some kind of significantly worse Indiana Jones. Yes, he is traveling with a bunch of dangerous animals on a ship that is also transporting an even more dangerous assassin for some reason. Yes, both the assassin and the animals get free and Nic Cage has to use all his hunting skills to get them back. And, yes, he screams "take it easy with my cat!" in the most Nic Cage way possible. Are you sold on this movie yet?

According to the film's premise, Cage's character, Frank Walsh, "feverishly stalks the ship’s cramped corridors in hot pursuit of his prey, right up until the thrilling, unpredictable climax." In this case, his prey is that assassin and the so-called unpredictable climax almost definitely involves someone getting brutally mauled by a jaguar, but so what? It's Nic Cage. Bring it on!

We may still be waiting for Cage to star in the next Ari Aster movie, but until that happens, at least we'll be able to watch him go completely bonkers on a boat in Primal. Give the trailer a watch above and catch the whole thing when it hits theaters and on demand November 8.