New Accuser Says Epstein Raped Her After She Told Him She Was a Virgin

Three new accusers have sued Epstein's estate alleging that he abused them with sex toys and forced them to engage in other sex acts.

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Three new accusers have sued the estate of Jeffrey Epstein alleging that he abused them with sex toys and forced them to engage in other sex acts, according to court documents reviewed by multiple outlets.

One woman said she was forced to lose her virginity to him after they met when she was 17. Another said that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged madam, taught her the “proper way to give a blow job” to Epstein after they met.


The new accusers, described only as “Priscilla Doe,” “Lisa Doe,” and “Katlyn Doe,” bring the total number of claims against Epstein’s estate to to five. Two of the women, Katlyn and Lisa, said they were 17 years old when they met Epstein, according to Reuters. Only Priscilla described herself as a legal adult, at 20 years old, when Maxwell roped her into his inner circle.

All of the women said their abuse continued well after Epstein made a cushy plea agreement with federal prosecutors in 2007 to avoid child sex trafficking charges.

Before his suicide last week, Epstein faced up to 45 years in prison on separate sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. Prosecutors moved to dismiss the indictment against him Monday but have pledged to otherwise continue investigating his network of enablers and fellow abusers.

For years, Maxwell has been accused of recruiting girls into Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking network, but it’s unclear whether Katlyn and Lisa were recruited by Maxwell, Epstein, or someone else. The whereabouts of another one of his alleged recruiters, the French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, are currently unknown, according to Fox News. For her part, Maxwell has largely stayed out of the public eye since Epstein was arrested in July, and her recent resurfacing at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles has sparked something of a tabloid war.

After meeting with Maxwell and Epstein, Priscilla also wound up meeting the Sultan of Dubai and Woody Allen at Epstein’s parties on his private estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she was made to give up her passport while she did cleaning chores and waited on guests, according to court documents. During that time — roughly between 2006 and 2012 — Epstein abused her with sex toys and acts “too graphic and preverted to detail,” according to documents seen by the Daily Beast.


For part of that time, Epstein was serving a lenient jail sentence in Palm Beach that allowed him to visit his office six days out of the week. Epstein would allegedly fly Priscilla into Florida so he could abuse her, according to Reuters.

Other the other hand, Katlyn said she was introduced to Epstein when he offered to pay for surgeries and treatment for her eating disorders. She, like many other accusers, alleges those appealing promises led to manipulative massages that quickly turned sexual and violent. Katlyn also alleges she was “pressured, manipulated, intimidated and forced” into losing her virginity to Epstein after she made it clear that her virginity was important to her, according to the Daily Beast. She was also flown to Florida during his work release, according to Reuters.

Lisa Doe, the third accuser, said in court documents that Epstien promised to help her dance career after she met him and a man she refers to as “Prince” or “a royal family member,” according to documents seen by the Daily Beast. Epstein also later abused her with a sex toy, she alleges, and told her to read a book called “Massages for Dummies” before she returned to his home.

The three new lawsuits, filed in New York City federal court on Tuesday day, also come just after the news that Epstein signed his will two days before he killed himself in a Manhattan jail cell last week.

Epstein’s death also came just one day after an appeals court judge unsealed hundreds of pages of the deposition of Virginia Giuffre, one of his more vocal accusers and the victim tied up in a since-settled case lawsuit against Maxwell. In that deposition, Giuffre said Maxwell facilitated her abuse, which she alleged later led to sexual encounters with Prince Andrew, financier Glenn Dubin, former Sen. George Mitchell, and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

All of the men have denied involvement in any crimes, and Prince Andrew said this week that he’s “appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged crimes.”

Cover image: Repaired front door of Jeffrey Epstein's Upper East Side $77 Million Townhouse, that has become a tourist attraction, New York, NY, August 12, 2019. Jeffrey Epstein committed apparent suicide in jail while in Federal custoday as he was awaiting trail for sex-trafficking, after being arrested in New York on July 8, 2019. (Anthony Behar/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)