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Hooligans Against Salafists

VICE News follows the Hooligans against Salafists movement, from its first full-blown demonstration-turned-riot in Cologne.

Demonstrations held by the far-right group Hooligans against Salafists — also known as HoGeSa — have recently gained momentum in Germany, as they organize marches in cities across the country. While the group claims to be protesting against Islamist extremism, the movement is widely accused of harnessing Islamophobia as a means of spreading racism.

VICE News followed the Hooligans against Salafists movement from its first full-blown demonstration-turned-riot in Cologne, which was attended by 4,800 people. We also met with Islamic campaigner Sven Lau, who recently rose to infamy by starting a "Sharia Police," and has consequently been used as a prominent example of the "Islamic invasion" of Germany by the HoGeSa movement.


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