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Turkey Protests: Gezi Park Anniversary

Protesters marking Gezi anniversary in Turkey confronted by tens of thousands of police officers.

This week, demonstrators in Istanbul attempting to commemorate the year anniversary of the deadly Gezi Park protests that rocked Turkey in May of 2013 were confronted by tens of thousands of police officers. Firing teargas and water cannons, officers dispersed the activists, who had hoped to read a statement in Istanbul's Taksim Square and lay wreathes of flowers in memory of those killed during last years' clashes. The 2013 protests were the biggest anti-government demonstrations in Turkey for decades, and the country is still living with the repercussions of the uprising and the ensuing government crackdown. VICE News was in Istanbul to follow Taksim Solidarity, a support organization for the protesters in Istanbul, during the one-year anniversary of the bloody clashes.