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That One Time My Dad and I Cycled 3,800km Through Patagonia

Highlights of my trip riding past endless rugged mountains and windswept pampas.

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Growing up in small coastal town Coffs Harbour has given me an appreciation for the outdoors. Having the beach right there, surfing every day, the Great Dividing range hugging the coast.

I was casually whipping up coffees at a local cafe and doing the odd job here and there when my dad asked me to join him on a cycling trip through Patagonia via Chile and Argentina. My answer was simple: when, and yes.


Touching down in Santiago, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into but I knew dad was going to be riding by my side the whole way and that was pretty cool.

Yet the feeling of isolation is ever-present in Patagonia. This sense of solitude makes you embrace your surroundings and immerse yourself into the scenery, from the rugged mountains of the Andes to the windswept dry pampas of Argentina.

There were physical challenges every day and mentally it was an emotional journey. At times I felt like chucking in the towel. But with every corner we rode around and every river we crossed, Patagonia bought something new with it. The landscapes were a huge driving force behind my motivation to keep going; my photography was a hobby on the road.

The people in Chile and Argentina also make the place memorable. Warm, welcoming, and humble, they want to share their language, food, and culture. I couldn't help but smile at everyone I saw.

We ended up riding 3,800kms through Patagonia, and the experience triggered something within me. Since then, I've cycled through Africa and New Zealand. The feeling of cool air blowing across your face as you fly down a hill you just climbed makes you want to go back.

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