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Woman Accuses Taco Bell of Racism After Being Refused Fries

They don't sell fries.
Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart

Ever been so hammered that you ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, or onion rings at McDonald's? While the chains are both famous for their burgers, there are enough differences on their respective menus that c'mon, dude—pull it together. And you'd have to be in really rough shape to think that a Taco Bell was a Burger King… and in an even worse state of mind to level accusations of racism at staff for not serving you an item that's not even on the menu.


That's what seems to have happened in the strange case of the very confused woman in this YouTube video, which was "reportedly taken in an unidentified Taco Bell restaurant in the US."

"I just literally want a medium French fries and a dollar menu," the unnamed woman asks at the counter, before being interrupted by the Taco Bell employee who informs her that they don't sell French fries. "You're Burger King and you don't sell French fries?" she asks. The admirably no-bullshit cashier responds, "You think you're at Burger King? This is Taco Bell, see. Welcome to Taco Bell, how may I help you?"

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Undeterred, and perhaps intoxicated, the bewildered customer insists, "Literally, I've never been able to not get an order in," and after another short, useless exchange with the increasingly impatient cashier, French fry woman finally declares, "This is racism at its fucking finest."

What she's referring to is not exactly clear, and probably not worth validating with further analysis, but almost immediately after making the comment, male patrons jump in and begin taunting her, calling her "ignorant as fuck" and trying to explain that Burger King and Taco Bell are two different things. “It’s fucking Burger King, I never come here,” she tells them, on the verge of tears.

At this point, the scenario reaches Monty Python-esque levels of absurdity, French fry woman becomes a track-pants and headphones version of the iron-willed Black Knight, completely unwilling to grasp the immensity of the odds stacked against her. Eventually, after one more "literally," French fry woman refuses all offers of burritos or tacos and accepts her fate, "This cannot happen here, so I'm leaving."

She finally concedes, walking out the door and into the night, still in search of medium French fries. A Burger King can't be far.