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Watch the Steelers Incinerate their Taste Buds With the One Chip Challenge

The Pittsburgh Steelers tried the One Chip Challenge. It went how you'd expect.
Screen capture via Instagram/@camhey97

"Pittsburgh, PA" means two things: 1.) You've got a lot of indoor time to fuck around, because of, 2.) It being cold as fuck. The Steelers, who by necessity have to be a tight-knit team, decided to kill those two birds with one spicy-ass stone by trying this One Chip Challenge craze that has all those wacky kids talking.

For the uninitiated, there's a chip made with the Carolina Reaper pepper that apparently torches your nervous system—a la Homer Simpson in the desert with a Johnny Cash-sounding coyote. You can even watch a TV anchor vomit on live TV because of this thing. By all definitions, it seems to be ridiculously hot.


Regardless of whether or not you feel duped into a brilliant marketing scheme, the challenge can provide you a full tragic arc, as you watch an overly-bold hero claim to take it on without a problem, and then witness them become reduced to a foot-stamping, tearful child at the fall. And perhaps there's no better brave giants to topple with one chip than 300-pound men.

It seems like Cam Heyward was leading the charge with this one, with his very formal round-table setup, with milk fire extinguishers on hand:

Things didn't get too nuts, but apparently, the video didn't roll long enough to see the chip "go into a third gear" like it did for Farrington Huguenin. He had $200 on the line, too. Not sure if he made it.

Their strength coach started off well, but guffawed two seconds in:

It's too bad this is sideways, but clearly, the challenge was rolling through the locker room like a chain of firecrackers, because Stephon Tuitt had built a huddle around him as he caved.

But if you're looking for a hero, look no further than Joey Porter who absolutely smothered the flame, without flinching. I'm guessing he lined his tongue with Pepto before rolling with this:

Or did he?

For the Steeler's sake, let's just hope they did the challenge after practice. And that they don't have practice tomorrow when the chip seeks its revenge. Fear the reaper.