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Will Smith Won The "In My Feelings" Challenge, You Can All Stop Now

Is there anything this guy can't do?
Queens, US
Will Smith: Screenshot from Instagram, Drake: Taylor Hill/Film Magic

When the comedic Instagram personality Shiggy freestyled a routine to Drake's Scorpion standout "In My Feelings" in the middle of a street with oncoming traffic he couldn't have imagined how far it would travel. Thanks to your friends, the so-called "In My Feelings" Challenge has dominated virtually every social media timeline in the two weeks since, and as with any omnipresent online phenomenon, the celebs have started latching on as well. Ciara and Russell Wilson killed it, along with Odell Beckham Jr., and Drake even put his awkward spin on it, too. But now, it's all over. Will Smith accepted the challenge and he completely annihilated it. You can all go home.


The Philadelphia born released his epic version on Instagram today, which is extremely well thought out—drones were definitely involved. After watching Ciara and Russell's video on his phone, he decides to scale a bridge in Budapest and takes us on the journey with him. Standing on top of the world, quite literally, he credits his nerves for a stiff routine. It doesn't matter, Will. We promise you no one noticed.

Drake even found his way in Smith's comments, assuring the public that the "In My Feelings" video is finally complete. Let's hope Shiggy is involved for his role in making this song massive.

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