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Daily Horoscope: August 25, 2018

The Moon in Aquarius today.
illustrated by Lili Emtiaz

The Moon in Aquarius connects with Venus at 12:39 AM, creating an affectionate energy. The Sun connects with Uranus at 12:36 PM, bringing exciting ideas—it’s a fantastic day to take a calculated risk, as the Sun connects with Saturn at 6:07 PM to create a very supportive energy. The full moon in Pisces is just around the corner—are you feeling emotional yet?

All Times EST.


Exciting developments take place today, and you’re feeling supported by the people around you. You have plenty of work to do, so get it done—you’re definitely going to want to have time to spend with your partners during the Pisces full moon.



Lots of emotions are unexpectedly stirred up today, but you’re feeling anchored, supported, and ready to take on anything. A shift in your day-to-day life is going to take place soon, thanks to the full moon in Pisces.


You’re in the mood to stay cozy at home for most of the day, even though exciting things are happening all around—especially in your social life. A shift in your love life or creative project is coming soon, thanks to the full moon in Pisces.


You’re in a chatty mood today, and exciting shifts are taking place around work and money—but be careful not to overbook yourself this weekend. Intense emotions are coming up due to the Pisces full moon.


Excitement in your love life arrives as the Sun connects with Uranus this afternoon. Tonight, the Sun connects with your ruling planet Saturn, finding you feeling solid, rooted, and capable of anything. Intriguing news comes with the full moon in Pisces.


The Sun connects with both of your planetary rulers today, Aquarius! Its connection with Uranus brings exciting news concerning your home (and a shift around a difficult, emotionally-charged situation) and the Sun’s connection with Saturn finds you trusting your intuition.


You’re in a sleepy mood, Pisces, so don’t push yourself too hard. Big emotions are in the air, what with a full moon in your sign coming up! That said, exciting news comes your way today.



You’re in a social mood today, Aries, and exciting things are happening around work and money. However, don’t plan on partying too late into the evening, because you need to catch up on rest and have time alone to unwind.


Your focus is on your career and long-term plans today, Taurus, and exciting things are happening for you, especially concerning school and travel. A big revelation concerning your social life arrives.


The Moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius today, Gemini, finding you in a playful mood. Excitement is in the air today as intriguing opportunities come your way. Unsure about what’s happening with a work situation? It will become clear soon.


You’re in an intense mood today, Cancer; all sorts of emotions are being stirred up, but don’t worry—things are changing! And the upcoming full moon in Pisces will help you see things in a whole new light.


Your focus is on your relationships today, Leo. Say what you need to say because soon, emotions are going to get really deep, and it’s important to clear things up now. Take a risk—there’s support all around you. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.