'WarioWare' Meets Pornhub in a Game About Pixelated Sex

Get off using only your arrow keys.
Image: Pierre

Game developer Pierre Corbinais’ latest creation, NSFWare, invites you stroke, strip, and suck your way through a series of microgames. Yes, it’s a lot like WarioWare—a game where players perform a variety of seemingly random tasks in quick succession—but for perverts. As first discovered by Warpdoor, it's available to download from itch.io for Windows and Linux.

As with most in the microgame genre, NSFWare launches the player through seconds-long tasks, only buffered with commands like COME and SPANK. The only controls are the arrow keys, which dictate the direction of things like your virtual panties (down) or riding crop (across an ass).


Image: Pierre Corbinais

When I tried the game myself, I was unable to get the hang of the controls even after a couple rounds—it felt like QWOP for getting off. However, I was playing in a rush and not devoting the proper time to learning the controls, because everyone in the office could see me furiously clicking and struggling to jerk off a neon pixel man.

Image: Pierre Corbinais

On itch.io, Corbinais says that he used Paint Of Persia, a rotoscoping pixel-art tool, combined with Pornhub videos to create the colorful silhouettes of horny folks in the game. This technology is freely available. Go forth and make your own WarioWare for pervs.