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The New Season of 'Narcos' Takes on the Cali Cartel

The third season follows Pablo Escobar's real-life syndicate successors, whom the DEA once dubbed the "Cali KGB."

The third season of Netflix's crime series Narcos may not have Pablo Escobar, but the drug trade didn't die with him. The streaming service just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming season, and it promises all the blood and guns and coke and facial hair we've come to expect from the series.

Narcos's first two seasons centered on the DEA's quest to nab Escobar and take down his Medellín cartel. Escobar was killed in the last finale, and the new trailer shows the DEA setting its sights on a new set of drug kingpins: the Cali cartel.

In the 1990s, Colombia's Cali cartel was a massive, multinational drug syndicate with informants and connections in governments around the globe. The DEA once dubbed it the "Cali KGB."

"It was fucking cocaine incorporated," Narcos star Pedro Pascal—who plays DEA agent Javier Peña—says in the trailer. "They ran it like a Fortune 500 company."

Narcos has already been picked up for a fourth season after this one airs, but there's no word on whether the next season will continue the fight against the Cali cartel or if an aging Peña will be hunting Chapo by then or whatever.

Season three hits Netflix September 1. Give the trailer a watch above.