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Earl Swavey Prepares for 'Blessings From Rosewood' with Thumping "My Life"

And if you want to direct his next video, drop him a DM.

The late A$AP Yams discovered Bompton artist Earl Swavey a year before he passed. Since then, the Athens Park Blood went onto appear in the Noisey: Bompton documentary on VICELAND. "Inspired" by the documentary, MTV went into Compton last year to produce a reality show called The Streets of Compton, based around the lives of the people in the VICELAND documentary. In an unconventional journalistic move, producers went around handing out checks to people such as Earl for access to the hood, but when there was a shift in MTV management the whole shebang got cancelled.


Swavey used his money to buy a car and invested the rest into his new project, Blessings From Rosewood, set for a July release. We caught up with him to see how things have been going.

Noisey: What's up with Rosewood?
Earl Swavey: It's the area where all the hoods in the Bompton documentary are from. The Nellas [Roy Campanella Park] and Athens Park, which is my hood. Kendrick is from there. It starts from El Segundo and ends on Rosecranz.

What's been happening since we first shot with you?
I just had a daughter, Melody. I got into a bit of trouble with a strap but now I'm straight. I modeled some clothes for Richardson, and then I've been fucking with RJ who's signed to 400 Summers, which is DJ Mustard's thing. He's gonna be on the Blessings From Rosewood thing along with people like Hitta J-3.

And when's the industry gonna start paying you now that the MTV money's gone?
I been having meetings with Interscope and 300, and they just said I need a better aesthetic. Like my videos need to be better, more movie-like and consistent. Shit, people should DM me @earlswavey if they wanna direct for me. They get exposure and I pay them.

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