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Just Phat and Funky Wheelies With Royal Canoe and Begonia in "Fussin'"

The soundtrack for extremely fussy babies on bikes this summer.
Image via YouTube

Summer time. Mundane waves of urban sprawl wash away your capacity for emotional fulfillment and the leaden weight of unfettered capitalism pulls us deeper into bland oblivion. Darkness becomes the only small relief, as the possibility of human connection turns revolting. Might as well pop some phat wheelies with a mob of bicycles set to a funkadelic rhythm with Royal Canoe and Begnonia. Their latest video "Fussin'" slaps like a meteor shower on an unsuspecting suburb. It's hot. It's exciting. I'm screaming. Begonia (Alexa Dirks) pairs well with the Winnipeg indie pop band, consisting of Matthew Peters, Matthew Schellenberg, Bucky Driedger, Brendan Berg, Michael Jordan and Derek Allard. "Call my bluff, I'm always acting tough," the group sings.


"We've had the pleasure of working with our good friend Begonia on a number of occasions over the years," Royal Canoe wrote to Noisey, "but this time we wanted to do a proper duet. So we all got together and wrote this summer-time song. "Fussin'" is about a couple going through a little spat. They're both trying to get their way at the other's expense, pushing buttons and playing games. Of course they make up in the chorus and get back on track. We shot the video in Winnipeg during one of the Bike Jams put on by the Rainbow Trout Music Festival. Several hundred bikers meet up a few times per summer and take over the city streets." Watch Royal Canoe and Begonia's "Fussin'" video below:

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