QAnon Queen Cult Leader Returns to Small Town That Thought It Drove Her Away

Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed QAnon Queen of Canada, has returned with her followers to Richmound, Saskatchewan after a short stay elsewhere.
Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada" has returned to the school grounds.
Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada", has returned to the school grounds. 

Just when they thought they had gotten rid of her, the QAnon Queen came back to small town Saskatchewan. 

Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Canada” and QAnon cult leader, first turned Richmound, Saskatchewan, population 130, on its head back in September after being invited there by a follower who gifted her the town’s abandoned school. Since then the town has worked effortlessly to push her and her followers out. 


It appeared they succeeded last week, when Didulo and crew absconded to a farm an hour outside of town after a fire inspector showed up on the school premises. Didulo and her crew still had run-ins with the townsfolk during their time away, which included a heated encounter at a grocery store in Medicine Hat that was caught on video. But like a conspiratorial cat, Didulo came back. 

“Her vehicles, entourage, and dogs are there,” one local wrote VICE News early Tuesday morning. “Whether the little weasel is there physically or at a follower's home I cannot say for certain.”

Once again the school’s grounds are littered with motorhomes and vehicles owned by people who have given up their lives to travel around with Didulo and obey her every whim. In a live stream from Monday, Didulo’s second-in-command was seated in front of chalkboards once again, not the barn they were filming from at the farm. It was clear the group was still unpacking up by the time they decided to livestream.

“If you do see flags moving in the background, that is not CGI or green screen it is Her Majesty Queen Romana making sure the set is, of course, perfect,” Didulo’s second-in-command said. “If only you knew what takes place in the background on a daily basis with our Royal Majesty Romana Didulo and team, you would be awestruck.” 


Multiple people who have lived and traveled with Didulo have alleged to VICE News the cult leader is extremely abusive to her followers. In the livestream, the group did not say how long they planned on staying at the compound. They are, however, attempting to raise money for two dozen police-grade walkie-talkies to allow them to do “24/7 security” of Didulo. 

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Didulo was gifted the school by a local man named Rick Manz who previously purchased the school in the hopes of making it a cannabis grow up. Manz has now become one of the group’s staunchest defenders and, for his work, has been declared a diplomat whom Didulo’s followers must address as “His Excellency.” 

Since the arrival of the cult, the town has been grappling with how to deal with the them, and, in some cases, it’s led to infighting. A good portion of the town is working hard to push back on the cult, this includes confronting them when they’ve left the school property and filming them. But, others think that the aggressive attitude towards the cult isn’t the way to go about it and it’s creating an atmosphere where they’re at each other's throats. These conflicting viewpoints came to a boiling point at a town hall last week which ended with several townsfolk telling each other to “fuck off.”