Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, January 2021

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Scorpio!
January 1, 2021, 9:28pm
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is lighting up the communication sector of your chart, making this a busy time of year for you. You’re making and taking calls, linking with friends, and connecting with your neighborhood.

Communication planet Mercury, also in Capricorn, connects with Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces on January 1, bringing some sweet messages your way. It’s a lovely time to write some poetry! People are in a sympathetic, understanding mood. Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 4, revealing important information, and maybe even some secrets! A shift in energy takes place as Mars enters Taurus on January 6, igniting the relationship sector of your chart: You may find your partners are more aggressive than usual. It’s exciting to be teamed up with a go-getter, though Mars in Taurus can be quite stubborn, so you could find yourself in a confrontation or two! 


Mercury enters Aquarius on January 8, activating the home and family sector of your chart, finding you managing paperwork and discussing plans concerning your living situation. January 8 also finds Venus enters Capricorn, bringing messages of love! Easy energy flows around connection and creativity as the sun connects with dreamy Neptune on this day, too. An optimistic and open-minded energy flows as Mercury meets Jupiter in Aquarius on January 11. This alignment bodes especially well if you’re relocating or expanding your home life in some way. Unexpected news comes as communication planet Mercury clashes with the planet of unpredictability, Uranus, on January 12. 

The new moon in Capricorn on January 13 marks a fresh start in communication. This is a powerful time to reconnect with your inner voice. We run into obstacles on this day as Mars clashes with Saturn, and for you, little scorpion, this may mean a feeling of impossibility when it comes to a compromise in your home or private life or in your relationships. The best way to work with this energy is to follow the rules and come up with a long-term strategy instead of trying to muscle your way into making things work immediately. Patience is your best bet at this moment.

A fun energy is still in the air on January 13 as sweet Venus mingles with Uranus, bringing thrills—exciting experimentations take place! A big shift in your partnerships occurs on January 14 as Uranus ends its retrograde: You may find that your partners are especially nervous, so don’t pour them that extra cup of coffee. People are behaving unpredictably right now! Also on this day, the sun meets Pluto, finding you learning some very important information. 


One of the most critical days of this month is January 17, when Jupiter clashes with Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion, and Uranus of innovation and revolution: This clash creates a potent moment for experimentation and breakthrough. For you, dear Scorpio, these breakthroughs take place in your relationships and personal life.

Aquarius season begins on January 19, bringing your focus to your home and family life. This is a great time to spruce up your space and energetically cleanse your home, too. Mars meets Uranus on January 20, and you may be watching your partners make some unexpected, impulsive moves. You’re wonderful at strategizing, so offer support, but also understand that people might need to do their own thing right now. Uranus is all about freedom and no one wants to feel held back this month while Uranus is so active. 

January 23 is one of the busiest days of the month, as Mars clashes with Jupiter, Venus connects with Neptune, and the sun meets Saturn. Mars’s clash with Jupiter makes for some big tempers, but also brings an incredible boost in energy and propels things forward in your relationships. Easy energy flows around connection and creativity as Venus mingles with Neptune—this is likely to be a romantic spot in the month for you! Boundaries concerning home, safety, and privacy are set as the sun meets Saturn.

People are in an especially freedom-seeking mood as the sun clashes with Uranus on January 26! You’ve already experienced how unpredictable your partners can be this month, and you yourself are eager to break out of limiting circumstances, too. The full moon in Leo on January 28 brings a culmination to a situation that’s been brewing in your career. Aquarius season is so much about your home and family life, but this full moon is major for your reputation, as you may step into the spotlight in a significant way. Venus meets Pluto on January 28, finding you having intriguing conversations about worth and value. Also on this day, your home and family life sees a new cycle of expansion as the sun meets Jupiter: Themes like comfort, security, and privacy are at the forefront of your mind.

Mercury retrograde begins on January 30! Mercury retrogrades are famous for miscommunications and delays, but you often like them because they typically reveal previously obscured information or find you revisiting the past. Indeed, this is a great time to reconnect with history, and to generally slow down and rest. You may be reconnecting with family during this particular retrograde, as well as revisiting former homes or connecting with your ancestors. Mercury retrograde ends on February 21, and conversations and plans that came up since January 14 will likely be revisited and revised.  

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in February!