Mona Lisa Attacked With Cake by ‘Man Disguised as Woman in a Wheelchair’

A man reportedly disguised as a woman sprang from a wheelchair to throw cake at the world’s most famous painting, before urging people to “think of the planet.”
​The Mona Lisa. Photo: @klevisl007​ via Storyful
Photo: @klevisl007 via Storyful

The Mona Lisa had cake thrown at it by a man who reportedly disguised himself as a woman using a wheelchair. 

A short video shot by a visitor to the Louvre in Paris showed the aftermath of the incident on Sunday as a member of staff is seen wiping off cream that had been smeared on the reinforced glass case that protects the world’s most famous painting.


Witnesses said a man jumped out of a wheelchair and threw cake at the 16th-century painting by Leonardo da Vinci before urging people to “think of the planet.” The man, reportedly wearing a wig and lipstick, then threw throwing rose petals in the air before being tackled by security.

No photos or video have emerged of the actual incident, and it’s not thought the painting sustained any damage.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said a 36-year-old man had been detained and sent to a police psychiatric unit, the Associated Press reported, while an investigation has been launched into the attack.