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Do the Jerk With Lost Animal's New Video

Jarrod Quarrell returns with a typically cool video for the first single from Lost Animal’s new album.

​It could be the psychedelic blanket draped over his shoulders, but even when wandering the back alleys of inner Melbourne, Lost Animal's​ Jarrod Quarrell exudes a stylish cool.

Directed by Tim Dwyer, the video for "Do The Jerk," the first single from Lost Animal's upcoming second album You Yang, has the scuzzy singer traipsing through laneways backed by lush instrumentations, shrieking saxophone and his nonchalant lyrics.


It's a simple but effective video that emphasises the songs sulking swagger.

"Sometimes clips are fun, sometimes not. Sometimes I have clear ideas for them, sometimes not." explains the songwriter. "This time I chose to leave it in the hands of the director [Dwyer]. Just a green screen, a dirty laneway and a manipulated face. No artifice. I think you can see the hair up my nose. The director is so pure he's see through. It's very loosely inspired by [video artist]  Peter Campus​."

You Yang, the follow up to 2011's Ex Tropical sees Quarrel and longtime musical companion Shags Chamberlain exploring more of their broad sonic palette.

"Do the Jerk" single is available now​.  'You Yang' is available Oct 21 on Dot Dash / Capture Tracks in the USA & Dot Dash / Remote Control for the rest of the world.​