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Skott's "Amelia" Is Both Menacing and Magical

The mysterious chanteuse drops powerful newie.
September 20, 2016, 2:13pm

Surprise! This starts off one way—as an ethereal, soul-steeped pop song—but then, POW! those thunderous beats, the ominous synth womps, and a layered chorus of voices that manage to make the line "We're going to throw a party," sound like naughty angels luring you to corruption. Which makes sense when you consider her earliest influences were folk, before getting her first taste of contemporary pop in her teens.  A quick perusal of SKOTT's Soundcloud reveals this is no one off. There's an element of Florence to her—but minus the shrilling-over-an-abyss aspect. Her last song, "Porcelain" apparently topped Hype Machine's "Most Blogged Chart"—which is a chart we didn't even know existed, but kudos!


"You've had to fight so hard for this love, but it's not turning out the way you thought," explains Skott regarding this new, third tune. "Is it worth continuing or is this the end? The song's about not giving up, fighting to keep that special someone next to you despite the hardest of times.

"I get a bit nostalgic. 'Amelia reminds' me of my first love as a young teenager when I'd dream up crazy plans for the future. They weren't always realistic, but they were honest and dramatic."

"Amelia" is out via Chess Club (UK), B3SCI (USA) digitally today. Skott Tour Dates
28th September – Notting Hill Arts Club, London (New Shapes Presents w/ MUNA) SOLD OUT
29th September – Birthdays, London
26th October – Pitchfork Music Festival, Paris