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Dominos Is Going to Start Delivering Pizzas by Drone

The drones are only in New Zealand right now, but the sun may soon be darkened by flying pizza boxes all around the world.
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This year has basically been the greatest year for pizza innovation since whatever year the grandma slice was invented. First there was a pizza ATM in Cincinnati, followed by the development of high-tech pizza boxes that morph into pipes and turntables.

Now Domino's has taken a note from Uber and is getting pretty close to perfecting the art of removing all human interaction from the delivery process by releasing a new drone-delivery system, Newsweek reports.


This week, Domino's debuted its first "pizza-by-drone" delivery system in tandem with drone startup Flirtley in New Zealand, after holding a demonstration in Aukland last Thursday.

"New Zealand has the most forward-thinking aviation regulations in the world, and with the new US drone regulations taking effect on August 29, Flirtey is uniquely positioned to bring the same revolutionary Flirtey drone-delivery service to partners within the United States," Flirtley CEO, Matt Sweeney, told Newsweek.

The company has a few more trials to run before drone system gets off the ground, but it seems pretty excited about the idea. Domino's Group CEO and managing director said in a statement that using drones "is the next stage of the company's expansion into the artificial intelligence space and gives us the ability to learn and adopt new technologies in the business," Fortune reports.

Domino's has already been experimenting with the drone-delivery system in Greece too, and if all goes well in NZ, the sun may soon be darkened by flying pizza boxes all around the world.

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