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Uganda Might Sentence a Pop Star to Ten Years in Prison for a Music Video

The video has been deemed pornographic thanks to Uganda's new, conservative-leaning anti-pornography laws.

Above is the video for "Ensolo Yange," a single by Ugandan pop singer Jemimah Kansiime. According to theGuardian the video has landed her in jail for five weeks due to its content being deemed pornographic by her government's new, conservative-leaning anti-pornography laws. View Uganda's extremely hazy definition of "pornography" below:

While Kansiime is the first woman to face prosecution under the law, she isn't the only one to be affected by her government's new definition of pornography. The law has been interpreted by Uganda's Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo to include miniskirts, which he has vowed to bar women from wearing in public. In February, women , the country's capital, to protest the ban.

According to the Guardian, Kansiime's next court appearance is scheduled for later this month. If convicted, she faces up to ten years in prison. She was previously jailed for violating a similar law last year.

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