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Despite What You Might Have Heard, Limp Bizkit Will Not Be Playing a Gas Station Tonight

According to the band, the police, and the gas station, the answer is no. But the world can still dream.
April 20, 2016, 4:31pm

Image via Flickr users Mike Mozart and Carlos Varela

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Limp Bizkit is a band well past its prime. Even its lead singer, noted film director Fred Durst, realizes no one likes them anymore. So it's not a giant stretch to believe the nu metal pioneers/walking punchlines have sunk so low that they're playing a show on 4/20 at a Sunoco on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. Alas, they are not.

Earlier this week, pranksters took to Facebook to create an invite to the show, complete with a swanky, very believable flier. (All Limp Bizkit shows should be sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, after all.) Nearly 6,000 people RSVP'd to the show, and another 3,000 said they were interested in doing it all for the nookie and some gas station cookies.

That was enough to prompt the Dayton Police Department to tweet that the event was not taking place. Both Durst and the band took to Twitter to lay waste to the rumor too, calling it a lie and "TOTAL BS" in angry all caps before (presumably) violently breaking everything within reach.

BE AWARE: There is NO Limp Bizkit concert Wed. 4/20 at Sunoco station at Keowee St. & Wayne Ave. These ads FALSE. — Dayton Police Dept. (@DaytonPolice)April 19, 2016

But, lest there still be some believers out there, The News Wheel (who initially broke this non-story) stopped by the gas station and found a sign on the door calling the concert "someone's idea of a joke" and crushing all faiiiiitttttttth that the show was actually going to take place. But you should still swing by the Sunoco tonight if you're in the area, just in case.