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Someone Bought a Hitler Statue for $17.2 Million at a New York Auction

The statue was apparently a "difficult" sale.
May 9, 2016, 2:26pm
Photo via Flickr user Recuerdos de Pandora

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Among the many oddities gathered together for New York's "Bound to Fail"–themed artwork auction Sunday, even a statue of Adolf Hitler managed to find a home. It sold for a whopping $17.2 million, AFP reports.

The statue, titled Him, was a "difficult" sale, according to the auction's creator, Loic Gouzer, as artists rarely use the Nazi dictator as a muse. "I wanted to destroy it myself," Italian artist and friend of VICE Maurizio Cattelan said of his taboo piece, which he created in 2001. "I changed my mind a thousand times, every day."

Cattelan, who previously held a personal record for art sales at $7.9 million, expected to get between $10 million and $15 million for the statue, which depicts Hitler on his knees, gazing upward in a gray, woolen suit.

All but one piece of artwork managed to sell at Sunday's auction, including a basketball suspended in a tank of saline solution and a sculpture of a purple crucified frog. Sorry, frog.