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Mexico's Land of Sorcerers

We went down to Catemaco, Mexico—the Disneyland of satanic tourists—to check out all the chicken killing, voodoo dolls, and spirit possessions the town had to offer.

The town of Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico, is famous for its large, historic community of brujos, or witches. The area has been a hotbed of sorcery and witchcraft since pre-Hispanic times, bringing together witches who practice both white magic and black magic. In modern times, the town has attracted everyone from tourists to celebrities to high-ranking public officials hoping to get ahead with the help of a little dark magic.

For this episode of Mexicalia, VICE went down to Catemaco to watch some ritualistic chicken slaughters, summon demons, and meet with the town's most respected sorcerers firsthand.