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Glitched Helvetica, The Kraftwerk-Inspired KWERK, And Other Unusual Typefaces

The standard MS Word collections won’t do for Mauro De Donatis.

When it comes to what typeface to use, we all like to stick to what we know. Maybe you’re a Helvetica person or maybe you favor Arial. Or maybe you like to troll people like the scientists at CERN by using Comic Sans.

Designer Mauro De Donatis likes to mix things up a bit while getting experimental and has created a series of styles that push the limits of what a usable typeface might look like.

Taking an aesthetic of our digital age he’s created Glitched Helvetica, along with a Kraftwerk-inspired style called KWERK Font, the Stripes Font, and the intricate Tangle Font among others.


You can check them out below.

Glitched Helvetica


Stripes Font

Tangle Font

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