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White House Kitchen Defiled With Potato Chips

And Trump continues his quest to turn the entire White House yellow.

President Trump has been very busy signing executive orders that would threaten undocumented immigrants, our healthcare system, and the environment, plus directing federal money to build a preposterous wall. He's also been putting his stamp on the White House itself, first with bright gold curtains and a gold and yellow rug in the Oval Office and, now, with golden bags of chips.

The New York Times reported that the White House's kitchen "has been stocked with the same types of snacks that Mr. Trump had on his private plane, including Lay's potato chips." By contrast, President Obama kept a "large" bowl of apples in the Oval Office and a cache of almonds for nighttime snacks, the Times previously noted.

Out with the almonds and in with the chips—it's an extremely fitting change for Trump, who also enjoys snacking on Doritos and has extolled the food from McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC. Welcome to the fast-food presidency, where there will be no viral videos of turnips or Sesame Street segments on planting a vegetable garden.

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