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Chef's Night Out: Mitch Orr of ACME

A night out with Sydney’s 'Prince of Pasta'—Mitch Orr of ACME—means blood sausage, burrata, Chinese food, foie gras, and lap dances. We hope you can keep up.

We spent the night with Sydney's 'Prince of Pasta': Mitch Orr, the chef behind Rushcutters Bay's fresh and innovative restaurant ACME.

His crew—which includes his award-winning sous chef Analiese—starts at LP's Quality Meats, Chippendale's premier establishment for smoked meats, tartare, pâté, and blood sausage. As the sun went down, the gang heads to nearby Automata for sheep's whey vodka and burrata injected with shellfish oil. Next, the crew meets their friends at Sydney's favorite late-night Chinese food institution Golden Century for a feast of Cantonese seafood and an exclusive tour of the kitchen.

To kick off the party (despite the lock-out laws), they head to Kings Cross for a lap-dance at strip joint Bada Bing. Completely wasted, the gang finally heads back to Mitch's kitchen at ACME, where they cook up bologna sandwiches with foie gras butter, blooming onions, and fried doughnuts with salted caramel.

If they weren't painfully stuffed before, they might be now.