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Frank Ocean and Migos Do the Impossible, Make a Calvin Harris Song Actually Good

"Slide" bangs severely (but not because of Calvin Harris.)
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The previous pinnacle of Calvin Harris' existence in the music industry, as we all know, was the Rihanna-fronted "We Found Love". No matter what your feelings on the Andy Murray of EDM might be, you are bound by the laws of decency to acknowledge that this song is an Objective Slapper. The reason that "We Found Love" is so good, however, has absolutely nothing to do with Calvin Harris, and everything to do with the fact that Rihanna deigned to take it on, therefore anointing it for continued greatness. And now here we are again. Calvin Harris, after all, is nothing without his big name collaborators, and with new song "Slide" he has somehow managed to get the Migos and the most elusive chanteur of them all – one Frank Ocean – on the track, elevating it to potential 'song of the summer' status. Though the question of how Calvin Harris gets these people to work with him will plague me forever (is he paying them unrivalled riches? Does he provide really good studio snacks? Can he make a nice spaghetti sauce? Does he just have a really nice sofa for when people come over?), I am pleased to say that because it basically just sounds like one of the more upbeat Frank songs from Channel Orange with added Migos (on a sunnier flow than usual), "Slide" is a balmy aural delight.  Listen below and marvel at how Frank and Migos made Calvin good again:


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(Image via Calvin Harris on Twitter)