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You Can Now Purchase a Can of Fresh Air Straight From Ibiza

Now the 'pure and virgin air' of Ibiza can be yours ... for a price.
July 16, 2016, 1:40pm
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Can't make it to Ibiza this year? Italian ice cream seller Gianluca Pomo has found a solution. The entrepreneur, who runs an ice cream shop on the island, created Aire de Ibiza–cans filled with the "pure and virgin air" of Ibiza. Each one is canned at the source.

According to Ministry of Sound, the cans are impossible to open and claim to be additive and gluten free. "We decided to seal the air in a container so that whenever you looked at it, you remembered that moment," Pomo said. Jose Antonio Fernandez, Pomo's business partner, agreed. "Aire de Ibiza is designed exclusively for tourists and visitors to the island so that they can take with them a souvenir, an emotion, a piece of the island… in the form of air," Fernandez told the The Local.

Although the creators reportedly stated that Aire de Ibiza is not a "project intended for profit," each can will sell for €5.90 each. Last week, Lauren Lane took us through an idyllic week in her life in Ibiza.