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Monarch Gets the Remix Treatment from DJ Vice

There’s just something about the name Vice that draws attention from us.

There's just something about the name Vice that draws attention from us. The LA-based producer, who was recently deemed one of "America's Best DJs," has made a name for himself thanks to collaborations with a wide variety of A-list talent ranging from Rihanna to Linkin Park, as well as residencies at Marquee (Las Vegas and New York), LIV Miami, and Create in Los Angeles. Vice has now hopped on remix duties for Monarch, and their debut single, "Stay."


The four-piece Monarch, which launched in January, includes Brent Kutzle alongside Brian Willet, Joel Plotnik and vocalist Brennan Strawn. "Stay" is a thematic piece of indie-driven pop that draws inspiration from film noir and features a vintage 80s vibe-think young Tom Cruise driving down the highway late at night in a convertible.

On the flip side, Vice's modern house remix is upbeat, invigorating, and infectious. Featuring a classic rave piano that will have you grinning ear to ear, a tropical/progressive bounce, and a hint of wobble, there's certainly a lot to love.

"I'm that person who always pictures myself in the crowd," says Vice. "I'm not just the one standing and playing for everyone. As I approach each song I think, 'How would I want this record played?' And then I put my own unique spin on it. When I first heard "Stay" I thought the vocals and vibe were dope. I wanted to take the track from radio ready to club ready."

Monarch is expected to drop their debut EP Apollo, as well as a "Stay" remix package featuring Vice and Canada's Kill Them With Colour, in the upcoming months.

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