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Classical Trax Go Fully Global on Exclusive Club Mix

Basketball coaching club community chief by day, DJ Rueckert by night.

When Matt Lutz, aka Bernard Chillcut, aka DJ Rueckert, isn't teaching youngsters how to hone their hook shots on the basketball court, he's overseeing Classical Trax, one of the internet's leading authorities in the wide spanning world of club music. The community, one stuffed with both DJs and producers, is a fertile feeding ground for everything from London grime to Bmore house.

"It began as a means of communication with people on a truly global scale," Lutz tells THUMP. "I was writing for Mishka at the time and had a club column under the name Bernard Chillcut. The reaction that got made me realize that so many producers out there wanted to create a discourse around it."

Throwing out remixes, live sets, radio shows, and edits at a breakneck pace, Classical Trax has become a go-to for anyone with any interest in the clubbier side of urban dance music. Spanning everything from clap-heavy Jersey thudders to mutated footwork, warped house joints and acid drenched instrumental grime, Lutz oversees a vibrant soundworld that teems with untapped sources of spontaneous creativity. The group hums with collaborative energy-tracks get refixed and passed around, reworked again.

The Pennsylvania native has scoured the community and come up with an hour of the most upfront beats about -no tracklisting on this one but when a mix is as satisfying as this who cares about names?

Classical Trax is on SoundCloud // Twitter