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DJs Being Deep: The Most Enlightening Things Your Favorite DJs Have Said on Twitter

Who needs Dr. Phil when we have DJs on Twitter?

Yeah, we know: DJ Twitter sucks sometimes. Sure, it's a never-ending onslaught of rich dudes bickering over who sold out more shows, negativity, and Deadmau5. But, DJ Twitter can also be a safe haven for those of our favorite jocks looking to wax heavy on life's many mysteries, the ironies of the contemporary music industry, and a whole lot of random shit that's mostly pointless, but still entertaining at the same time.


Below, you'll see our definitive list of super-duper deep tweets from many of your favorite DJs, ranging from underground heroes like Ben UFO; to mega-celebrity household names like Calvin Harris; to experimental heads like Holly Herndon. We even took things a step further for you guys and organized them by category, including inspirational messages, religious banter, and even alternative health regimes. Who needs Dr. Phil when we have DJs?

Inspirational Messages

Mind-Blowing Discoveries About the Universe

Seemingly Random Proclamations

Religious Banter

Alternative Health Advice

David's keeping it deep on Twitter.