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The Warehouse Project, Elrow Respond After Party Poster Deemed “Offensive” by Critics

A Bollywood-themed party, set for February 18, featured a caricature of Hindu deity Lord Shiva.
Photo by Jake Davis for Here & Now, via elrow's Facebook

English promoters The Warehouse Project and Barcelona party crew elrow have apologized following a social media uproar concerning an upcoming event's promotional materials that users are labeling as "offensive" and "cultural ignorance."

The party in question is a Bollywood-themed night, scheduled to take place on February 18 and 19 at Albert Hall. A flyer advertising the event depicted Hindu deity Lord Shiva in caricature form, with a bird's head, a joint in his mouth, a champagne bottle, and an iPhone in hand.

Facebook users have flooded the official event page with demands to take the controversial poster down. "This poster is without a doubt offensive to Hinduism and Hindus. Defacing Lord Shiv (Hindu God known for being the destroyer of evil) firstly by adding a beak on his face along with taking it a step further of having alcohol on his lap and a cigarette in the mouth of the beak placed on top of the Hindu Diety is disgraceful," wrote user Mikesh Nagar on December 27. Added user Vishal Bhatt, "Needs to be removed ASAP. Absolute cultural ignorance…"

The poster has since been removed from the official event page. The Warehouse Project also made a statement earlier today, writing on the official event page, "We want to apologize to anyone who has taken offence at the elrow Bollywood artwork. This was not at all the intention—we have taken all feedback and comments onboard and have now changed the image."

Elrow also made a statement to The Tab Manchester, writing, "We would like to apologize to anyone offended by the Elrow Bollywood artwork released yesterday. "We have taken onboard the feedback and changed the Bollywood artwork across the board."