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We Partied in an Abandoned Power Plant for Unsound Toronto 2016

Check out an exclusive photo gallery featuring The Bug, Sunn O))), and plenty of fog machines.
June 13, 2016, 4:47pm
All photos by Andrew Williamson

Next to the main stage at this year's Unsound Festival in Toronto, part of the city's annual Luminato Festival, there was an all-caps warning sign that read "WARNING THIS PERFORMANCE MAY INCLUDE EXTREME SOUND, FOG AND STROBE LIGHTING." From the location—a cavernous, abandoned power plant—to the performances including Canadian sound artist Tim Hecker, Seattle drone merchants Sunn O))), UK dubstep innovator The Bug (with MCs Flowdan and Miss Red), Tri Angle Records producer Evian Christ, and more, the two-day event was far from your average run-of-the-mill electronic festival.


Besides these headlining acts, there was also a smaller side room, which saw sets from New York techno mainstay Aurora Halal, Berlin-via-Houston experimental producer Lotic, footwork veteran RP Boo, and others. We sent photographer Andrew Williamson to the Hearn Generating Station to capture the sights and sounds of Unsound Toronto 2016, fog machines and strobe lighting included.

Kara-Lis Coverdale


Sunn O)))

The Bug

The Bug with Flowdan

Alessandro Cortini

Roly Porter


Tim Hecker

Hot Shotz

Evian Christ