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Drug Being Tested to Stop Dangerous MDMA-Induced Hyperthermia

Preclinical tests begin on Ryanodex in the US, which aims to reverse the condition instantly.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Doctors may soon have a new weapon to deal with hyperthermia, one of the most dangerous (and sometimes fatal) side effects of MDMA and meth use.

Eagle Pharmaceuticals has entered into an agreement with the National Institute of Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse to begin preclinical trials in the US for Ryanodex, a pre-existing injectable drug that treats malignant hyperthermia, for use in cases of MDMA-induced hyperthermia.

"We are very pleased to be working alongside the NIH to explore the potential of Ryanodex to reduce elevated body and brain temperature resulting from the use of Ecstasy and Methamphetamine," said Scott Tarriff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eagle Pharmaceuticals, in a statement.

Initial trials of Ryanodex will start this summer. Read THUMP's recent feature looking at preventive measures being taken to curtail drug deaths at music festivals here.

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