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Everyone At Mysteryland Was Wearing Weed

Thanks to weed legalization sweeping the country, kids are no longer afraid to express their love for getting high as fuck.

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When you throw a festival on the original grounds of Woodstock '69, you better be ready for throngs of dedicated potheads showing up, double fisting glowsticks and wax pens. On May 22-24, Mysteryland returned to the hippie town of Bethel, New York. Everywhere you looked, the weed plant was the accessory of choice—those jagged, multi-pronged leaves were on T-shirts, backpacks, hats, and even some kandi.


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The spiking popularity of weed fashion probably has everything to do with marijuana legalization sweeping the country. Toking a bowl isn't just for deadbeats and Rastas anymore; high-end dispensaries, designer munchies, #weedstagram, and the "cannabis queen of Beverly Hills" are all expanding the definition of "weed culture" as it goes mainstream. Thus: kids aren't afraid to publicly express their love for getting high as fuck anymore. Here is just a small sampling of the cannabis couture at Mysteryland.

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Techno girl spotted in the Drumcode tent Guy on the left just gave his weed kandi to his buddy on the right. #PLUR

"Palm tree or weed?" is a fun game to playMatchy-matchy!

This Canadian said his name is WeedMan and told me to add him on FacebookJames Franco?

This ex-hippie in the VIP area has been saying "duuuuuude" for like forty yearsNailed it

Not actually wearing cannabis couture… but guy on the left is basically a human weed plant Dope Instagram bro

These guys rule (Photo by Harrison Williams)

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