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If the X-Files and Teklife Had An Alien Baby, You'd Get This Video from Darren Keen

"I Don't Believe You Heard Me" is off Keen's latest album on Orange Milk.

"I Don't Believe You Heard Me" is a new footwork track from New York-based producer Darren Keen, whose latest album He's Not Real is out now on Orange Milk. The accompanying video patches together scenes from the X-Files, using cut-up visuals in the same way that footwork producers build tracks out of sliced-up samples. Footwork is a new direction for Keen, who says he's particularly interested in "exploring footwork grooves, and how they relate to traditional, familiar African rhythms."


Keen, who describes himself as a "fat, bearded, ginger nerd," has been performing under his The Show is the Rainbow and Touch People aliases for over a decade. After getting into Machinedrum, Mark Pritchard, Squarepusher, and Aphex Twin while on tour with other artists, Keen started to produce dance music. "I was a huge fan of their approach to dance club-friendly music, but always assumed that I was too weird-looking or strange to participate in that scene," he says. "The more I learned about it though, I realized it was absolutely a club for nerds who worship sound."

"I Don't Believe You Heard Me" was created by Keen, who has said that his latest album is a nod to the preeminent footwork crew from Chicago, Teklife. In his typical tongue-in-cheek style, Keen adds, "With the video for "I Don't Believe You Heard Me," the Fox Media group and I are excited to announce that I am joining the cast of their hit TV show "The X-Files" when it returns to the airwaves January 2016."

Catch Darren Keen on tour with Orange Milk co-founder Giant Claw this fall, and stream the album below.

Tour Dates:

Tue Sept 8 Cleveland, OH // Happy Dog w/ Giant Claw

Wed Sept 9 Chicago, IL // Empty Bottle w/ Giant Claw

Thu Sept 10 Lincoln, NE // Bourbon Theatre w/ Giant Claw

Fri Sept 11 Springfield, MO // Front of House lounge w/ Giant Claw

Sun Sept 13 Omaha, NE // Oleavers w/ Giant Claw & Pressure Channel

Mon Sept 14 Des Moines, IA // The Lift w/ Giant Claw & DJ DJ Tanner


Tue Sept 15 St. Louis, MO // 2720 Cherokee w/ Giant Claw & DMY

Wed Sept 16 Tulsa, Ok // Soundpony w/ Giant Claw

Thu Sept 17 Austin, TX // North Door w/ Giant Claw

Fri Sept 18 San Antonio, TX // Ritual Gallery w/ Giant Claw

Sat Sept 19 Birmingham, AL // The Firehouse w/ Giant Claw

Sun Sep 20 Knoxville, TN // Yacht Club

Mon Sep 21 - Chatanooga, TN // JJ's Bohemia

Wed Sep 23 - Brooklyn, NY // Don Pedros

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