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A Blood Rave Is Coming to New York City's Comic Con

The Crystal Method will headline the immersive party based on the movie 'Blade.'
Dancers at a Blade Rave preview in New York City (Photos by Sachyn Mital)

After a healthy wave of buzz on social media, details about the upcoming blood rave in New York City have begun to leak out. Titled Blade Rave, the event is a Comic Con afterparty that will recreate the iconic opening sequence of the 1998 vampire flick Blade, where ravers on a heaving dancefloor are doused in blood from overhead sprinklers as a Pump Panel remix New Order's "Confusion" plays in the background.


Blade Rave is being held at New York's Terminal 5 on October 9, 2015, and will feature big beat techno pioneers The Crystal Method as the headliner, along with Pictureplane, The Dance Cartel, A Place Both Wonderful And Strange, and DJ Choyce Hacks. The party will also include sword fighting, cosplay actors, a chill-out room based on the hyper-modern apartment of Blade villain Deacon Frost, and several secret guests.

A similar blood rave is slated to happen in an Amsterdam nightclub on Halloween, with organizers claiming that they play to spray real blood on partygoers. However, New York's Blade Rave will douse ravers in a proprietary fake blood mix—which we got a chance to check out last Friday thanks to a press preview—thus promising all the horror theatrics without the hepatitis risk.

The event is being produced by BBQ Films, an event company specializing in transforming iconic movie scenes into immersive parties. Previously they brought the going-out-of-business party from Empire Records to life, complete with a performance by GWAR. If all goes according to plan, Blade Rave promises to fulfill a longstanding, bloodthirsty dream of many comic addicts and ravers alike.

Blade Rave will take place on October 9, 2015 at New York's Terminal 5. THUMP readers get reduced-cost tickets with the discount code "IMMERSIVECINEMA"__