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Listen Back to Aled Jones' History of Jungle and Drum n Bass on Capital Xtra

Oh, and John Suchet has done a UK Garage show.
October 15, 2015, 2:02pm

Right, no messing about here. You know Aled Jones? Aled Jones who had a number one with everyone's favorite Christmas theme tune "Walking in the Air" from The Snowman. Aled Jones who presents Songs of Praise. Aled Jones who used to host Daybreak with Lorraine Kelly. Yeah? That Aled Jones? Well apparently six days ago, he presented a takeover for Capital Xtra, chronicling his choicest cuts from the UK's illustrious history of jungle and drum and bass. Not only are there some actual bangers in there, but the former Welsh chorister also comes out with some zingers on the mic, including "it's DJ AJ" and the actual sentence "you're flexing with Aled Jones". Listen below.

Unbelievable scenes, next thing you'll be telling me John Suchet has done a UK Garage mix.

John Suchet — television host and Poirot's brother — has done a UK Garage mix. As part of the same Classical FM takeover Suchet has slipped behind the decks, opening with Luck and Neat, and not letting up from there on in. Again, listen below.

Hold tight the Sunday evening crew. RELOAD…

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