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Make the Bass Your Beach with Psymbionic's "Low Tide"

The water's getting lower, but the beat's still going up.

As label manager of acclaimed imprint Gravitas Recordings, as well as a skilled DJ and producer under the name Psymbionic, John Burcham is devoted to pushing a finely-tuned aural experience. His music, a multi-tempo exploration through genres ranging from bass, to dubstep, and cerebral-twisting glitch, thrives on non-traditional sound design, a perfect example being his brand new track that's streaming above, "Low Tide."

Infectious in nature, "Low Tide" packs a healthy dosage of the producer's oft-used punchy bass and synth work, while still maintaining a downtempo style that won't ever cause too much commotion to your ears. As the name would suggest, it's more about the calming feeling one experiences when the low tide comes to shore, and the aquatic underworld's hidden treasures emerge for us all to see.

Hit play on this one, and let Psymbionic's latest creation slowly unfold, before springing back to life like a perfectly formed surf break.

Click HERE for a  free download of "Low Tide."

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