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This Twisted Pop Rework of Joseph Marinetti's "Ms Telesales" is Like Mainlining Sugar

Amsterdam's Guerilla Speakerz and Hitmane crank up the weirdness on the PC Music-esque tune.
February 2, 2015, 9:00pm
Daniel and Marlon of Guerilla Speakerz 

Shit happens when you party with Ryan Hemsworth. Sometimes it's sexy shit, like making out with a girl wearing a whimsical collection of plastic fruit on her head (babe, it's kawaii!). Sometimes it's super sus shit, like learning sixteen new Instagram poses from a roaming pack of teens. If you're lucky, it's good shit, like meeting an Asian DJ boyband duo who happens to share your obsession with grimy weirdo pop that the post-PC Music movement hath wrought.

Thats what happened to Dutch producer Hitmane—who threw a party with Ryan Hemsworth and ended up meeting the Trouble & Bass-affiliated duo Guerilla Speakerz. After bonding over "this whole new wave of detuned poppy madness from PC Music, SOPHIE, and the like," the three of them started cooking up tunes together. "The original flips everything from pop to happy hardcore, so we thought we would crank it up even more," say Daniel and Marlon of Guerilla Speakerz, the Amsterdam-based, grime-loving duo that regularly pop up on Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1. "The idea was to stir things up a bit and make it bounce more, but then we made the second drop a little crazy to keep in line with the overall strangeness," adds Hitmane. Listen to the result of their freaky collaboration above.

Buy Guerilla Speakerz and Hitmane's remix of Joseph Marinetti's "Ms Telesales" here

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