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Go Deep Space Diving with Youandewan's Slinky "Be Good To Me, Poly"

Get a spectral taste of the Berlin-via-Yorkshire producer's new album on Aus.

What did you do the last time you broke up with somebody? Spent too much money down the bar? Lived almost exclusively on frozen pizza and memories? Developed an incredibly unhealthy relationship with Storage Hunters UK? Yeah, us too. Ewan Smith, aka Youandewan, did things a bit differently.

A few years back, sad and newly alone, he relocated to Berlin. Whilst there, presumably between long walks down the Landwehr Canal and solitary trips to schnitzel joints, Smith begun writing what'd go on to become his debut album There is No Right Time. That record, which arrives on Aus on the 14th of October, is a fantastic collection of moody, sad and soulful house , and we're letting you have a little preview today.

Right now, yes right now, you can watch and listen to the light and lithe, airy, and spacious "Be Good to Me, Poly" here on THUMP. If you like twinkly electronica and old footage of the cosmos you'll love this. Even if you've just been dumped.

There Is No Right Time is out on October 14th via Aus