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A Barry Sanders Signed Urinal Went For $3,000 on eBay

Sanders has since updated his terms and conditions. No more urinal signings for sure this time.
Image by Ron Scheffler-USA TODAY Sports

When the ramshackle innards of the Silverdome were being sold off at an auction last year, Barry Sanders famously tweeted that he wouldn't be signing any souvenir urinals.

The former Detroit Lions running back would have never imagined that someone would make him eat his words within a year. At Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Mike Kozan, a diehard Lions fan, showed up at a Sanders signing with—you guessed it—a Silverdome urinal from the Lions dressing room.


"Are you for real?" Sanders said, initially refusing to put his autograph somewhere hundreds of his teammates have left their own over the years.

But the Hall of Famer soon let out a laugh and asked where he should sign. (For the record, Kozan said he cleaned it with bleach multiple times before presenting the urinal to Sanders.)

Kozan also recalled for Fox Sports that someone from Sanders camp remarked at the signing: "Hey Barry, the last time you saw that thing, you were taking a piss in it."

Kozan had bought the urinal from the Lions' former dressing room for just $23 at the auction. After he got Sanders to sign it, Kozan, who already had multiple jerseys and caps autographed by the running back, decided to make some money off the urinal. His ebay auction ended last night and the Sanders-signed urinal from the Silverdome went for $3,000.

As for the building it came from? The owners of the Silverdome have put a $30 million price tag on the rain-soaked dump.

The Silverdome was meant to make history from the time it was built at a $55.7 million cost in 1975. In 2001, the Lions ditched it for Ford Field. Then in 2009 came Andreas Apostolopoulos, who bought the stadium for $583,000 from the city, and promised that he would spend money on it, bring jobs to the area, and that it would never go on sale.

But since a 2013 snowstorm that massively accelerated the Silverdome's disrepair, the place has been in shambles. The only good thing to come out of it has been this stunning BMX rider video.

Despite its moss-laden turf, broken seats and completely worn-down inflatable roof, the owners still think the building can fetch them $30 million—or the value of 10,000 signed Barry Sanders urinals.